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Sprite work is adorable and fun, and the music is super good. I will say the melee attack felt super short, and enemy projectiles turn with the enemy, so jumping over one to try to get the drop on them often meant taking a hit, two if the enemy also happened to fire another projectile at the time. 

Really love the outlines on the characters and overall look of the game. Also the music is absolutely BANGING!

One complaint however is that I found the 2 enemies in front of the next level frustrating. One is camping in front of a hallway if he sees you and you're forced to take a hit and if you run away from it you have another enemy also sitting there. And if you die to those you're forced to go through the level all over again. Which I found really cheap

Also, the range of the melee made the combat really hard to commit to, so I found myself skipping enemies rather than fighting them head on.

Really loved the vibes the music brought in though!

Thank you for playing and giving feedback ! :)